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statistical analysis

Statistics and statistical analysis are familiar terms to many business owners and researchers, and are one of the most important topics at the University for projects and dissertation works. This is because master’s and doctoral students, in order to get their degree, in addition to passing a certain number of courses, must also prepare a research called thesis.

Although you have access to online statistical analysis tools in Bigpro1, in this article we will explain statistical analysis and methods, as well as introduce statistical analysis softwares.

Online statistical analysis in Bigpro1

There are many softwares in the field of statistical analysis services (discussed below); which have made it possible to perform statistical analysis of the projects and dissertations, but it should be noted that with any of these softwares, without sufficient knowledge, it is almost impossible to perform statistical analysis.

In the Bigpro1 statistical analysis section, it is possible to analyze the data by selecting the type of processing by the user. In this section, options such as variable description, table drawing, hypothesis test, correlation test and accuracy test are selected as available types of processing for statistical analysis. The user does not need to have a deep knowledge to work with Bigpro1 statistical analysis tools. The user should only enter the Bigpro1 dashboard and in a few minutes, like an expert, perform his/her project, questionnaire or dissertation’s statistical analysis.

Full access to descriptive statistics 

Full access to inferential statistics

Full access to statistical tests

Display a variety of charts according to the user’s needs

∇ Statistical analysis of the dissertation

In addition to the fact that statistical analysis is very important for researchers, business owners, research centers, faculty members, etc., in the dissertation preparation process, some parts of it, such as Chapter 4 of the dissertation, require analysis and reviews by experts and experienced people in performing statistical analysis of the dissertation.

Keep in mind that “statistical analysis of master’s and doctoral dissertations are very important”, so that if the student performs statistical analysis, other than the expenditure of the time and effort needed for gaining knowledge and skills in statistical analysis it is inevitable for the students to spend money and time to prepare a questionnaire.


تحلیل آماری آنلاین

So far we know that in order to perform statistical analysis in the first option, we need enough time and sufficient knowledge, or in the second option, we need the time and money to perform statistical analysis of the dissertation through other people and dominant sources; Of course, in the second option, if there is an error, there is no guarantee that the project will be performed exactly as you think. So we still have to look for a better solution, like doing statistical analysis online.

Online statistical analysis in Bigpro1

According to one service provider, statistical analysis is the knowledge of collecting, exploring, and presenting large amounts of data to discover basic patterns and trends.

It refers to a report that contains tables, statistical charts, and their analysis and interpretation, as well as a very detailed study and analysis of the collected results from the science of statistics, which predicts and explains quantitative and qualitative information by scientific, mathematical and methodological methods. The form was classified, described, concluded, and generalized toward a specific purpose. In fact, it is the same application of statistics in various fields.

According to John Tukey, a well-known statistician, statistical analysis is a set of methods for analyzing data and techniques for interpreting the results used to facilitate the more accurate and more authentic analysis of statistical results, which is used to analyze the data.

Simply put, the main pillar is the interpretation and analysis of the results of scientific researches and reviews. Which provides us with an accurate description of the data, either prepared statistical data or a questionnaire.

According to these statements, the five most important steps in completing a statistical analysis are:

           Describing the nature of the data being analyzed

           Exploring the relationship of the data with the underlying population

          Creating a model to summarize the understanding of how data relates to the target population

             Proving or disproving the validity of the model

             Using predicting analysis to predict future trends


انجام تحلیل آماری آنلاین

Types of statistical analysis

The two main approaches in statistical analysis, also called modeling, are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics summarizes data and describes the values of various descriptive indicators. In inferential statistics, we are faced with inferring results from data and generalizing these results to the target population.

What is descriptive statistics?

According to the My Market Research Methods website, descriptive statistics is what organizations use to summarize their data. Descriptive statistics is a set of methods (using charts and tables) that summarizes data and describes the values of different descriptive indicators in a meaningful and understandable way and summarizes and shows the pattern of responses of the sample, but in the case of a population that samples are taken from it, it does not conclude.

In simple terms, “descriptive statistics are intended to summarize large amounts of data, but do not draw conclusions about the population sampled.” and because statistical charts and tables are the main components, they make it easier to understand and visualize raw data.

Methods and indicators of descriptive statistics

In descriptive statistics analysis, the researcher first summarizes and describes the collected data with the help of frequency distribution tables and then displays those using statistical charts and finally calculates them with the help of other methods and descriptive statistics indicators.

What is inferential statistics?

After descriptive analysis, we try to show by inferential statistics whether the patterns described in the sample apply to the population from which the sample was selected. Inferential statistics can be used to estimate the proximity of sample votes to population votes. It can be said that inferential statistics enable us to infer population characteristics from sample characteristics and use sample traits to infer population traits.

Inferential statistics with the concept of generalizability can generalize the results of the statistical sample to the entire statistical population; while descriptive statistics can never generalize the results of the statistical sample to the entire statistical population.

In inferential statistics, we use different methods than descriptive statistics called inferential statistics tests.

Statistical analysis softwares

Since not everyone has mathematical genius! To be able to easily calculate the necessary statistics from the data sets that a company has obtained and to calculate, and also to perform statistical analysis manually is very time consuming and not an easy task, most organizations use some form of statistical analysis software.


In this regard, there are many statistical softwares, including the most popular statistical analysis software services, SPSS IBM, SAS, Revolution Analytics ‘R, Minitab and Stata.

SPSS software is one of the famous statistical softwares for data analysis and statistical analysis of the dissertations. Obviously, using statistical softwares such as SPSS software requires training to work with statistical software with high skill and accuracy. Therefore, in practice, statistical analysis by statistical software cannot be adequate and convenient for the public.

To learn how to work with this statistical software, read the article on statistical analysis training with SPSS.

Another statistical analysis software, online statistical analysis tool in Bigpro1, using standard modeling, confidence intervals and probability calculations is one of the best tools that is a good alternative to statistical analysis software and has been considered by many researchers and students.

In Bigpro1, unlike conventional methods, there is no need to use statistical softwares (Excel, EViews, SPSS, etc.) in performing statistical analysis.

Statistical analysis in market forecasting

Statistical analysis has proven itself in many cases. Twiddy & Company Realtors is a company that has reduced its operating costs by 15% using statistics; it also finds unnecessary costs and helps to eliminate them.

Similar stories show data in market analysis. Statistics show where the most sales happen, where sales are most valuable, and marketing depends on that sales. It makes it possible to improve performance in every aspect of sales and marketing.

Likewise, statistical analysis can help work efficiency and allow employers to carefully evaluate the effectiveness of each tool and focus on those who perform best.