Bigpro1 is a simple way for everyone to use machine learning tools

BigPro1 is a comprehensive data science and futures research platform that allows you to use all the tools of machine learning, deep learning, data management, statistical analysis in two versions: web based and Application Programming Interfaces (api).

BigPro1 is very useful for researchers and those interested in data-driven analysis. For students, BigPro1 has provided a suitable platform for their dissertations, conducting questionnaire-based research in different academic levels.


Forecast with Bigpro1

Business owners can use BigPro1 to predict things like customer behavior, future sales, etc to improve their business.

Why BigPro1?

In general, performing each of the services provided in BigPro1 alone requires a lot of experience and time. With the support of a scientific research team and programmers, BigPro1 has created a good platform for you to analyze your data in various fields of machine learning and data analysis, and give you various and exciting results.